Choosing the right food for Cats

Pet Food

Anyone who decides to bring home a kitten or a cat has to decide about the right food for them. Just like humans, they have definite needs to stay healthy. They are carnivores; therefore, they are more inclined towards protein-rich diet. It gets protein from the meat of the animal it hunts. The meat has taurine and it is an important nutrient for good health. At the same time, they should be well-hydrated. Outdoor ones get moisture mostly from the consumed prey but the domesticated ones require our help to get sufficient fluid. It is always better to leave out a bowl of water so that they can drink water according to their requirement.

Water may not always provide them with enough fluids. A better option is to give a proper mix of wet and dry foods. Canned cat food is high in moisture content, about 75%. This is a good way to make them stay hydrated. If 75% of their diet consists of canned food, then they can maintain a healthy life. The remaining 25% of the food may be taken as dry food that can keep their teeth sparkling and in proper shape. It is important to choose the right canned food for cats. Check the main ingredients of the canned foods. There are numerous blogs about cats available on the internet that talks about the chief ingredients about a cat’s diet.

Keeping the cat healthy with tonic foods

Tonic foods are those foods that provide energy and dispel physical as well as mental lethargy. This helps them to recover from any kind of illness quickly. Some tonic foods can be given regularly while some can be given once in a while. The potent tonic foods for cats comprise of honey, clove, garlic, ginger, yogurt, dried fruits and apple cider vinegar to name some of the foods. Honey is excellent for the cats. Honey is rich in vitamin and mineral content. It provides energy and vitality and is a natural sedative. It is a good tonic during illness.

Apple cider vinegar gives potassium, imperative for proper functioning of the major organs. When taken along with honey, it cures rheumatism and arthritis. Moreover, it kills the harmful bacteria in the stomach and removes harmful acids and soothes the stomach. One teaspoon of diluted apple cider vinegar can be taken with food. Plain yogurt can be given in small quantities several times in a week. Yeast has excellent healing properties. The sunflower, sesame and corn oils can be added to milk. Ginger is a disinfectant and is also an antibiotic and it kills the parasites and microbes in the cat’s blood.

How much food can be fed to cats?

The quantity of food a cat requires depends on the weight, age and size. Cats that go outside burn more calories so they eat more than the sedentary ones. An adult female consumes 200-300 calories daily. A male can consume about 250-300 calories. Dry food in adult cats has 400 calories in a single cup and a canned food contains 150 calories in a cup. The calorie count is dependent on the food brand. An average cat will require 227 g of food daily. The blog about cats are quite informative about their feeding habits and quantity of food they intake.