Soft-Sided Vs. Hard-Sided Pet Carriers – Things To Know!


Selecting a pet carrier for your dog or cat can be quite confusing. There are numerous brands selling a wide range of options, and it is hard to make a choice. So, what are the things that need attention? In this post, we will talk about soft-sided and hard-sided pet carriers, but before that, let’s talk of a few important aspects.

Understanding the need for a carrier

People buy pet carriers for a number of reasons, and that specific reason largely determines the choice. The first step is to measure you pet. Check the height and length of the animal, so that you can choose one of the standard sizes.  Not all people get pet carriers for travel. So, if you want to take your pet along for a simple park walk, a wearable carrier is more than enough, at least for toy dogs and cats. However, for airline and train travel, who will have to adhere to certain rules and norms, as mentioned by the specific airline.


Pros and cons of hard-sided carriers                  

Large dogs are hard to contain and they need more space. This is where you can think of hard-sided carriers. These are pretty handy and have fixed dimensions. The opening for the pet’s entry is either on the side or on the top. If you are choosing a hard-sided carrier, you have to be very specific about the size. Don’t choose a size that’s too large for the animal.

On the flip side, hard-sided carriers are pretty big and have storage issues. Unless you are traveling, the carrier is of no use, at all. Some of the products can be pretty expensive too.

Pros and cons of soft-sided carriers

If your pet is traveling with you in the flight or train, a soft-sided carrier might be an apt choice. These work better for small and toy dogs and cats and are ideal and easy to store, as well. You will find many known options, such as Pawfect Pet – Pet Carrier, which is ideal for cats and dogs alike.

In terms of cons, some of the soft-sided carriers are not of great quality. So, if you are keen on buying one, you have to choose something with a warranty.

Check online and you can get some good discounts on some of the best products. Take a moment to read the reviews of the concerned carrier before placing an order.